Wee Skipper Guitar #37 118


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This small-bodied guitar, made for small hands and big plans, went to my granddaughter in Tennessee. She's a great singer with an exploding musical talent, and needed a quality guitar that could keep up with her. This guitar features mahogany back, sides, and neck, and a red spruce top. For such a small instrument, it has a surprisingly large voice, with lots of resonance and great response. It's equipped with Golden Age tuners an bone nut and saddle.

Construction Photos

The first step is the joining of the plates with hot hide glue. The abalone rosette is cut and installed.

The back reinforcing strip and top and back bracing are installed. The back strip is beveled and shaped.

The sides are bent and placed in an external form. The linings and side reinforing are glued in, and the bracing is tap tuned.

The ribs are crowned to receive the top and back, and they're glued on. The end graft is installed.

The binding is installed and the neck is shaped. Frets are installed in the fretboard, and it's glued on. The guitar is finished with satin nitrocellulose lacquer, and set up with strings and hardware.

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