Custom Violin #19 99


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This European spruce-topped violin went to an owner of a bunch of Skipper instruments (I've lost count, but it's more than thirty). The gorgeous maple back came from Newfoundland, and is some of the best I've ever worked with.

Construction Photos

The ribs are thicknessed and bent over a hot pipe, then glued to blocks temporarily fastened to an internal form. The upper half of the form is removed, and the top is cut to shape and the purfling is installed.

The top is graduated to its proper thickness, and tap tuned with the aid of a computer program that provides a complete graphic image of the sound. The bass bar is fitted and glued in.

The top is glued to the ribs, and the back is shaped in a process that parallells that of the top. The scroll is rough shaped, then refined with chisels and gouges and saws.

At this point, my camera died, so I have no more construction photos of this instrument.

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