Custom Violin #12 78


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This violin was custom built for retired Pittsburgh Symphony violinist Richard DiAdamo. Here's what he had to say about it:

"I have performed on many violins throughout my forty-one-year career as a symphony violinist, and I can honestly say none of my so-called 'well-known' violins (modern and vintage) could equal the tone quality of the violin Roger Alan Skipper custom made for me. When it comes to craftsmanship, tone quality, depth, resonance of sound, and quick-and-easy tonal response, Roger Alan Skipper is the master of his art!"

To read more of Richard's feedback, and that of others, visit our Testimonials page. You can hear Richard play a Skipper violin on the Audio Video page.

Construction Photos

The rib garland is assembled from bent sides and spruce blocks. The neck is roughed out with a handsaw.

The upper half of the internal form is removed, and the linings are glued in place. The scroll is further refined with chisels and gouges. The top is shaped, and the purfling is recessed into the perimeter.

The top is profiled and tap tuned, and the bass bar is fitted and glued in place. The top is glued to the ribs. The back is formed in a process duplicating that for the top.

The violin is assembled and sanded to perfection, sealed with gamboge, and finished with oil varnish.

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