Custom Violin #11 76


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This red spruce-topped violin goes to a great North Dakota fiddler whose music has cut a wide swath across the country. The sugar maple back and sides have a unique figure, and the sound is all I could ever have hoped.

Construction Photos

The ribs are bent and glued to corner and end blocks around an internal form. The top is cut to size and roughly carved on a duplicating router. The form is separated and the linings are glued in. Purfling and bass bar are installed.

The top is glued to the ribs, and the neck is shaped first with a handsaw, then refined with chisels and gouges. The back is formed and graduated, and the instrument is assembled. It's given a coat of gamboge sealer.

Then it's finished with oil varnish expecially formulated for violins and set up ready to play.

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