Custom Violin #10 75


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This violin had a red spruce top and sugar maple back and sides. It goes to a California customer who had encountered one of my instruments somewhere and had to have one of his own.

Construction Photos

The neck is my first order of business. It's shaped first with a saw, then with chisels and gouges. The sides are bent, and the rib garland is constructed on an internal form.

The top half of the form is removed, and the linings are glued into place. The top is rough carved and purfling is installed, then the top is refined with gouges and scrapers. Graduation begins with the drilling of a number of thicknessing holes from the back side.

The top is tap tuned, and the bass bar is fitted and glued in., The top is glued to the rib garland.

The back is shaped and graduated and glued to the ribs, and the neck is attached.

The instrument is finished first with gamboge, then with oil varnish. Then the strings and accessories are added.

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