Custom Six-string Tenor Ukulele #3 90


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This magnificent six-string uke -- another Gerry Snelson design -- sports: an inlaid ebony, mother of pearl, and abalone rosette; an ebony pin bridge with bone saddle; herringbone top purfling; maple bindings; slotted headstock with gold tuners; and a gorgeous set of koa. To hear a Skipper uke being played, visit our Audio Video page.

Construction Photos

Construction gets underway with the joining of the plates; the plates are cut to shape. The inlaid rosette is first designed on paper, then the mother of pearl shapes are inlaid into the ebony blank. The rosette ring is then cut out and recessed into the top, and the abalone rings are added. The bracing is glued in.

The kerfed lining and side reinforcing is installed, and the top and back are tap tuned by shaving the bracing. The top and back are glued to the sides. The neck blank is built up from solid mahogany.

The maple binding and the carbon fiber neck reinforcing are installed. The headstock is inlaid with abalone and mother of pearl. The headstock is shaped, and recesses are cut for the inlay.

The fretboard is inlaid and fretted and glued to the neck. The instrument is finished with nitrocellulose lacquer, then set up with strings and hardware.

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