Custom Tenor Ukulele # 7 116


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This all-koa tenor ukulele features slot-head gold-plated tuners, abalone purfling and rosette, and an ebony pin bridge. The wood is simply gorgeous, and the sound is all I could hope. A satisfying instrument to both build and play. To hear a Skipper ukulele being played, visit our Audio Video page.

Construction Photos

The koa plates are joined, and the abalone for the rosette is cut and inlaid into the top. The bracing is glued in, and the headblock is formed and joined.

The kerfed lining is glued in place, and the top and back are glued to the sides. The binding is installed. The purfling channel is temporarily filled with a Teflon strip that is subsequently removed and replaced with abalone.

The slotted headstock is shaped, the inlay is fitted, and the neck is stained. The instrument is finished and set up.

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