Stick Bass #1 188

Estimated completion November, 2019

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This stick base is for my wife, who plays an upright bass but desires something smaller and more portable to take along on vacations. Purely experimental, it's primarily carved from a piece of maple; a small piece was added to form the back, and a small graft completed the headstock. Plays like a doghouse, sounds like a doghouse -- just what I was seeking.

Construction Photos

I haven't taken a lot of construction photos, mostly because I'm feeling my way through the job, changing more than not as I proceed. I've basically followed the half-joking procedure of "starting out with a big chunk of wood, and whittling off everything that ain't a bass." The basic form was cut from a single slab of maple, with pieces added to form the back and to increase the thickness of the headstock. I'll be using acoustic pickups, so I've created a sound chamber and soundboard that will hopefully produce the desired vibrations. I'm trying to duplicate the feel of an upright bass, and am using upright bass acoustic strings. When the basic shape is completed, I string it up to test the feel and dimensions of the neck.

All seems satisfactory, so I remove the strings and hardware, do some final sanding, and begin applying finish. Utility is more important to me than aesthetics on this particular instrument, so I'm giving it a finish of tough polyurethene. Pickups, end pin, back panel, and bridge are added.

Strings and tuners are attached, and it's ready to go.

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