Skipper Custom Instruments Shop

A look inside (and out)

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I'm often asked what my shop's like. I sit all alone at the end of a long, rural driveway. (If you'd like to experience a ride up my driveway, tune in to the Part 1 documentary from the Audio Video page) Outside my shop is forest, including this red spruce just feet away from my door. An old rusty, unused basketball hoop hangs over my door as an unnoticed reminder of my younger days (I doubt if I could climb a ladder now to take it down).

The inside of my shop is designed into three sections: a larger, dirtier outer shop where my stationary tools are located. This space is shared with my tractor and boat, along with my bulk storage of excess woods.

Tucked away in a corner of this larger area is my "little shop" -- a climate-controlled area where I do nearly all of my work, plus a small finishing room.. Inside the smaller shop are a few smaller stationary tools -- my smaller bandsaw and a spindle sander -- but this area is mostly filled with hand tools, workbench, templates, jigs, and wood. Most of the photographs on this website were taken inside here.

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