0-Sized Tenor Guitar #22 80


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This 0-sized tenor guitar -- another Gerry Snelson design -- has a red spruce top and flaming paela back and sides. The tortoise binding married to the abalone purfling complements the elaborate ebony-and-abalone rosette (the construction of this rosette was featured in American Lutherie magazine. This instrument was bought and is now being played by superb musician Alice Fleischman of the band Aurora Celtic.

Construction Photos

The plates are joined and the sides are bent. The construction of the rosette proceeds "in place", starting with the ebony segments and proceeding with abalone and purfling lines.

The blocks and kerfed lining and bracing are glued in, the bracing is tap tuned, and the top and back are glued to the completed rib assembly.

The purfling and binding are installed. The neck is glued up, the attachment hardware is installed, and the headstock inlay is recessed into the ebony.

The overlay is glued to the headstock, and the neck is brought to final shape. The instrument is finished and set up, ready to play.

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