Roger's Other Interests


When I once asked my wife of 40+ years how I could be assured of keeping her, she replied, "Make me laugh and don't be boring." I fear that I'm getting boring in my latter years, but I can still make her laugh if only through my bumbling. My favorite pastimes are picking bluegrass music and hunting wild ginseng. I live in snow country, so my winter sports usually involve clearing the driveway and an occasional ice fishing outing.

Connie is a genuine outdoor person, so our vacations are normally in remote places where we can hike and be alone with nature and with each other.

I also write, both as a novelist and until recently as a contributing editor for American Lutherie magazine. In addition to working behind the scenes there, I often wrote feature articles. A profile of me as an instrument builder appeared in the Fall 2014 issue.

I have three published novels: Tear Down the Mountain; The Baptism of Billy Bean; and Bone Dogs. Two of these have been translated and republished in French, Le Bapteme de Billy Bean and Les os de la vérité, and are doing quite well there.

As a new development, all of my books, including previously unpublished novel Oralee are now available from the Kindle Store.

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