Dr. Gerald Snelson (Gerry)



Throughout this website's existence, you've often seen the name "Gerry" or "Gerry Snelson." Although he's no longer active in the business, he has throughout the years been an indispensable element of Skipper instruments; without him, the instruments would have never become more than a hobby. He’s served as designer, concept development engineer, sales representative . . . in short, he was often the head and heart and soul of the enterprise, while I, Roger, was merely the hands.

I first met Gerry when he came to Frostburg State University to handle a late registration on yet another undecided nontraditional student—me. Shortly he was not only my most demanding English professor, but a very good friend. When he discovered that my hobby was lutherie, he prodded and pushed me forward with encouragement and moral support, and also by purchasing my instruments. He’s also a fine musician, and our worlds became further entwined during frequent informal jam sessions.

Thank you, Gerry, for all you've done in my behalf.


If you'd like to know more about this excellent and interesting individual, visit Gerry's web page at Frostburg State University.

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