Custom Ukulele Design

Style / Model

The ukulele is a relatively new instrument for me, but one that is certainly coming on strong. Currently my two models are the soprano, left, and the tenor, right. My ukuleles have evolved through several subtle changes in shape, but the size has remained the same. The soprano has a body length and width of 9-2/4" x 7", an overall length of 20-1/4", and a scale length of 14". The tenor has a body length and width of 12-1/4" x 9-1/2", and overall length of 26", and a scale length of 16-7/8". I'm certainly open to making other sizes.

My ukuleles can have either the traditional fan bracing or the x-braced design I've developed. From my experience, the fan bracing works best on the smaller soprano, but the x-braced tenor has a richer, more resonant tone than its fan-braced counterpart.

Any wood that can be used on a guitar can also be used on a ukulele, but the traditional wood is koa. The recent surge in the uke's popularity has inflated the cost of koa, and has also made high-quality sets much harder to find. Mahogany also makes a viable alternative with a very similar sound.

In addition to the general models I'm making, I can also build in a six-string configuration. Pegheads can be slotted or solid and can be of various shapes. Fretboards and rosettes also provide rich palettes for decoration.

Many questions about a Skipper ukulele can be answered by watching the construction step by step. A wealth of this information is available in my Archives section, where all the instruments I've built in the last several years are presented in detail.

Other Choices

The following design choices are common to many instruments, and will be discussed in detail on other pages. Click on any of the links to navigate to the proper area.


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