Custom 00-S Guitar #65 185

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This guitar has been under construction for some time, but it's finally finished. It's a plain-Jane jewel featuring a red spruce top and mahogany back, sides, and neck. Like all these little guitars that I've built, it's a true small-bore cannon. That so much resonant sound can come from such a small box is nothing short of astounding.

Construction Photos

The top and back are joined and thicknessed, and the sides are bent and placed in an external form. The head block is fabricated from mahogany. The rosette is mortised into the top.

The end graft is fitted. The top is cut to shape, and the bracing is glued in place, beginning with the maple bridge plate.

Kerfed lining is glued to the sides. The back bracing is glued in.

The top and back are attached to the sides. The neck is shaped and fitted to the body, using a specialized jig that allows for perfect alignment.

The headstock is slotted and shaped, and the binding and purfling is glued in place. The logo is cut from mother of pearl, and recessed into the ebony headstock.

Carbon fiber bars are inlet into the bottom of the upper end of the fretboard, and matching slots are extended into the body to accommodate them. The neck is shaped. The fretboard is slotted. radiused, and fretted, then glued to the neck. The bridge and other unfinished areas are masked from finish.

When the lacquer has fully cured, the instrument is wet-sanded with increasingly finer grits of MicroMesh paper. The bridge is glued in place. A pickguard is shaped and applied, and end pin, strap buttons, nut, saddle and strings are installed. After a bit of setup work, this instrument is ready to make some music.

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