Custom Dreadnought Guitar #34 107


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This dreadnought guitar was built for a member of an in-demand gospel bluegrass group. It features a red spruce top and East Indian back and sides, and has a tremendous boom and great balance and tone. Finding the proper colors for the bluebird inlay was a challenge, but the end result was worth the search.

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Construction Photos

The first step is the joining of the plates and the installation of the backstrip. The sides are bent, and the kerfed lining and side reinforcing strips are glued in.

The abalone rosette is installed. The bracing is glued in, and the instrument is tap tuned for greatest tonal quality. The body is assembled, and the end graft is installed.

Binding is installed. Neck hardware is installed, and the neck is fitted to the body. Carbon fiber reinforcing strips are attached to the fretboard. The inlay is painstakingly cut and recessed into the peghead and fretboard.

Channels are extended into the body to receive the carbon fiber reinforcing. The neck is carved, and glued to the fretboard. Th bridge is preceisely located and masked off from finish. The neck is stained to match the rosewood. Finishing begins, with sanding between coats.

When the instrument is fully cured, it's buffed out and set up with strings and hardware.

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