Custom Classical Guitar #29 97


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This classical guitar, based on a 1912 Ramirez, was built for an Eastern Maryland customer. It features a master grade Engelmann top and a gorgeous walnut back and side set. The sound is rich and open and resonant, and it's certainly easy on the eyes.

Construction Photos

The top and back halves are joined with hot hide glue. The multi-layered purfling scheme will carry through the backstrip, so it's laminated and recessed into the walnut. The custom wheat top purfling begins with laminating many layers of black and white fiber with red-dyed maple veneer. The linings are laminated on a form.

The wheat purfling continues to be assembled, and it's built into the rosette rings. The back reinforcing strip is glued in place. The sides and maple bindings are bent.

The fan bracing is glued to the top and carefully tap tuned. The linings and side reinforcing are glued in. The back and top are glued to the sides.

The binding and purfling channel is routed, and the multi-ply decorative strips are installed. The neck is shaped and fitted tot he body, and carbon fiber reinforcing is installed. The peghead is inlaid with ebony and abalone, then glued to the peghead.

The neck shaping is completed, and the instrument is French polished and set up with strings and hardware.

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