Custom Five-String Banjo #11 101


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This five-string bluegrass banjo features a Huber tone ring, segmented maple rim, solid turned maple resonator, and custom mother-of-pearl and abalone inlay. Says the owner, "The bright sound, tone and punch is far superior to anything that I have played or ever hope to play. I can not begin to explain how it feels to have an instrument of this quality, hanging from a strap. It screams to be played." Click here for more of his and others' testimonials.

Construction Photos

Construction begins with the gluing together of the hard maple segmented pot with hot hide glue. It's assembled on a MDF disk, trued on the bandsaw and spindle sander, and perfectly fitted to the tone ring on a router table.

The maple neck and resonator back blanks are glued together, and the resonator's rim is formed around a core.

The resonator is formed on a wood lathe, then glued together. Bindings are installed, and the neck blank is fitted to the assembled pot.

The neck is shaped and the fret slots are cut. Inlay is fitted into the headstock overlay, and it's glued to the peghead. The peghead is formed on the bandsaw and

spindle sander. An extra personalization is added to the neck heel. A test run is taken on the fitting of all parts, and staining and finishing begins. The bindings are scraped clean, and

lacquer is applied. After it's fully cured, it's wet sanded and buffed out, and the instrument is set up.

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